About fest

Welcome at International festival of outdoor theatre and clownery Behind doors is Zero Point

Prague, 18th -24th of July 2011

Behind doors,there is a street, a yard, a square, there is whole world. A world of imagination, clownery and theatre. Don be afraid to enter with us! We bring to Prague squares, streets and yards performance from eleven countries icluding orient-favored Japan. Festival Behind doors is Zero point comes up from a cooperation of ART Prometheus and Spitfire company. We joined our strength to makevidi the center of capital town even in this summer months. It is a distinctive tradition, that every capital tries to prepare not only for the visitors, but also for its citizens a street festivity soulful of summer amenity. A summer dullnes in Prague may be forgotten – you can look forward for example to a theatre performance presented by british mime Nola Rae, polish Teatr Kana or german Grotest Maru. The doors are wide open and we invite you cordially to come in. The theatre will welcome you with open arms!